How is ClientEye GDPR Compliant?

To understand how ClientEye remains GDPR compliant, we first need to understand how ClientEye works.

We use artificial intelligence to decode patterns within the data that is exchanged between a user’s computer and your website.

Using our algorithm, we can turn this otherwise obscure data into actionable information. We do not use cookies or IP addresses.

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Let’s break this down even more. ClientEye decodes information that is voluntarily sent from the user’s side (by their computer). This means that this information is submitted to your website. By the strictest GDPR measures, you are allowed to read and analyze any information that is submitted to you.

Once ClientEye can decode who the person is, we then look at all publicly available sources include LinkedIn, Google and hundreds of other sources so get additional information on this person.

Additionally, ClientEye only provides B2B specific information such as work phone number, corporate email, job title and other business-related information on this person. B2B information is mostly outside of the scope of GDPR regulations both in Europe and United States.

We always encourage our customers to treat people’s information with respect and ensure you are not spamming anyone. If someone asks you to stop contacting them, we ask that you respect their request and take them off all lists.

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